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Knowledge Base

  1. Billing 

    1. How Do I Access or Download Invoices?
    2. How Do I Update My Payment Info?
    3. Manage My Account, Change My Plan, and Update My Billing Details
  2. Blog / News Feed 

    1. Toolbox for RSS Feeds
    2. RSS and Atom Feed Specifications and Validation
    3. Best Practices for... How to Move from Feedburner to Digesto
  3. Email Design 

    1. Examples of Digesto Emails
    2. Adding Images to Your Template
    3. Limit the Length of Your Blog Excerpt
    4. How Can I Include the Full Article in My Digesto Email?
  4. Product Features 

    1. One-to-One Personalization Feature Overview (BETA)
    2. Compare Feedburner vs. Digesto
    3. Digesto Platform Security
    4. How Do I Change Email Address and/or Password on My Digesto Account?
  5. Wordpress 

    1. Show "Full Text" in Your Feed
    2. How to Customize/Overwrite the RSS Feed Excerpt <description> Element in WordPress
    3. Using SB RSS Feed Plus to Add Featured Images to Your Feed (WordPress)
    4. Remove "The post ... appeared first on ..."
    5. New Posts Not Visible on Feed (or Delayed) - How to Fix
  6. System Status 

    1. System Status Report
  7. Getting Started 

    1. Step 1 - Connect Your Marketo Account to Digesto via REST API
    2. Step 2 - Create Your First Digest
    3. Step 3 - Create a Dedicated Marketo Program
    4. Step 4 - Test and Launch!
    5. Template Gallery & Design Guidelines
  8. Release Notes 

    1. Spring 21 - Release Notes (2021/05)
    2. Fall 20 - Release Notes (2020/09)
    3. Spring 20 - Release Notes (2020/03)
    4. Winter 20 - Release Notes (2020 01)
    5. Fall 19 - Release Notes (2019/11)
  9. Troubleshooting 

    1. Troubleshoot and Error Codes
    2. Feed Error - Invalid Feed Format
    3. I Clicked the Test Button but I Have Not Received Any Email - Why Not?
  10. Managing Digests 

    1. What Happens If a Digest Fails to Run?
    2. How to Change the Name of a Digest
    3. Building a Digesto Quality Assurance (QA) Program
    4. How Does the Digesto Scheduler Work?
  11. Marketo Programs 

    1. How to Manage Your Blog Subscription System
    2. Can I Change the Name of the Marketo Program or Campaigns within It?
    3. Can I Change the Digesto Token Names?
    4. How Many API Calls Does Digesto Use?
  12. Advanced Customization 

    1. Feed Requirements and Mapping
    2. Add Social Share Buttons to Your Posts
    3. Managing Multiple Feed Subscriptions
    4. A/B Testing
  13. Analytics 

    1. Customize URL Parameters (UTM/Google Analytics)
    2. Email Performance Report & Analytics (Using New Program/Email for Each Send)
  14. All articles 

    1. Troubleshoot and Error Codes
    2. Step 1 - Connect Your Marketo Account to Digesto via REST API
    3. What Happens If a Digest Fails to Run?
    4. Toolbox for RSS Feeds
    5. System Status Report
    61 articles 

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