Feed Requirements and Mapping

Feed size and performance

  • RSS feed size should be below 4MB
  • RSS feed page load time should be < 30 seconds
Size or performance blow these standards may result in Digest Errors.

What feed elements are required for my Digesto email?

Digesto will minimally require following RSS or Atom Feed elements in your email:
RSS Feeds:
  • <title> = Will show as the Title of the post. Title of the latest post can also be used in the Subject of the email using DigestoEmailSubject Token
  • <link> = Link to the original post
  • <pubDate> = Post's Publication Date
  • <description> = Short text from the post OR <content-encoded> = Full content of your article
Atom Feeds:
  • <title> = Title of the post
  • <link> = Link from the title to the original pos
  • <updated> = Post's Publication Date
  • <summary>  Short text from the post OR <content> = Full content of your article

Digesto / RSS Mapping

In addition to standard elements listed above, Digesto has the ability to extract a wide range of feed elements. When inserted in your Digest Template, Digesto tags (elements in curly brackets) play a similar role as the Marketo Tokens in your Marketo email but this time it is used to inject element from your RSS (Or Atom) feed. 
Digesto TagRSS // Atom Feed ElementDescription
-RSS <item> 
Atom <entry>
Article / Blog Post
{{ITEM-TITLE}}RSS <title> 
Atom <title>
Article Title
{{ITEM-LINK}}RSS <link> 
Atom <link>
Article URL
{{ITEM-DATE}}RSS <pubDate>
Atom <published>
Publication Date
{{ITEM-DESCRIPTION}}RSS <description>
Atom <summary>
Article Summary/Abstract (Usually text only)
{{ITEM-CONTENT-ENCODED}}RSS <content:encoded>
Atom <content>
Full Article (HTML)
{{ITEM-AUTHOR}}RSS <author> or <dc:creator>
Atom <author><name>
Author's name
{{ITEM-FIRSTPOSTIMAGE-URL}}Digesto Custom ElementURL of the first image extracted from the <description> or <content:encoded> elements
{{ITEM-FIRSTPOSTIMAGE-IMG}}Digesto Custom ElementCode snipped (<img...>) to embed the first image extracted from the <description> or <content:encoded> elements
{{ITEM-IMAGE-URL}}RSS <enclosure> (image)Image file enclosure URL
{{ITEM-VIDEO-URL}}RSS <enclosure> (video)Video file enclosure URL
{{ITEM-AUDIO-URL}}RSS <enclosure> (audio)Audio file enclosure URL
{{ITEM-MEDIA-CONTENT-IMAGE-URL}}RSS <media:content>Image file from media-content
{{ITEM-MEDIA-CONTENT-IMAGE-IMG}}RSS <media:content>Code snipped (<img...>) to embed the image file from media-content
Atom <category term>
List of categories applied to your article
*= Required 

Feed specifications and validation

In order to work with Digesto, your feed must standards RSS or Atom feed requirements. 

Specifications for standard RSS

Specification for standard Atom

You can use this feed validator from W3 to run a diagnostic and returns elements to review on your feed:

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