How to export subscribers from Feedburner

Step 1: Visit Feedburner

Get the credentials form your feedburner admin, access your Feedburner account and select your Feed.

Step 2: Export CSV file

Go to Email Subscriptions  menu and select Manage Your Subscribers.
Feedburner allows you to export the list in a CSV file. If you do not see this option, use our Feedblitz workaround (below). The file contains opted-in emails for your blog only.

Step 3: Deactivate Your Email Sign Up in Feedburner

Once you’ve collected your email addresses, be sure to Deactivate your email collector in Feedburner so no one signs up here again.

OPTIONAL: Our Special Feedblitz Workaround

It is possible that you will be unable to pull the email list from Feedburner. (e.g.: you lost the login or there was a technical problem).

You should be wary of continuing to use Feedburner because Google unexpectedly discontinued GoogleReader in 2013 and many people expect Google to eventually turn offon Feedburner. Instead, switch your RSS to Feedblitz or the default RSS in your system.

The upshot of using Feedblitz is they allow you to import your Feedburner email list automatically. Once you get it into Feedblitz, download the file and follow Steps 4-5 above. Then turn off your Feedblitz email subscription.

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