Step 1 - Identify and test my feed

Digesto relies on a valid feed to populate email content. RSS and Atom Feed are the standard format for delivering regularly changing web content. Almost every websites comes with a built-in feed. Not sure where this is? Here is a few ways to help find your feed.

1. Locate your feed URL

Try the one of these extensions to your site of blog URL

Ex: OR
This page will show XML code and should look like this:

No luck? Browse your blog and look for this icon:   which usually redirects to your feed. 

Still in the dark? Try your sitemap of look for secondary navigation option from the blog home page or website footer.

2. Test your feed

For your feed to work nicely with RSS email applications, it must comply with RSS or Atom standards. Use this tool to test your feed.
If your feed is ok, you'll see "Congratulations! Your feed is valid." if something is wrong with it, you"ll see "Sorry..." and the service will list invalid elements that requires your development team's attention. 

Step 2 - Create a dedicated Marketo Program 

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