Setup Checklist

As you prepare to launch Digesto, here a few things you'll need.


1. Your feed URL. 

2. An RSS email template
Digesto templates comes in 2 parts:

Marketo Template
First part is your 
Marketo email template. It's managed in Marketo. It will host the outline (header, footer, general styling) of the final email. Bring your own or pick one from our library

Digesto/Feed Template
Second part is the Digesto template. It's managed in Digesto. It will host the content populated by your blog/feed. You can use our default template, build your own in Digesto or pick one from our library

If you need assistance with preparing your templates, please send your requirement over to Make sure to include:
- Your Marketo email template (HTML file) or your pick from our library. .
- Specifications of your desired Digesto Template (feed content layout) or your pick from our library
- Your branding guidelines (logo, fonts, colors, etc.)  

3. Specifics of your distribution schedule and email length
Plan your email schedule: should it go our weekly, daily, monthly? On which day? At what time?
Based on the volume of publications, plan how many newly published posts should go out each time.

Extras (...if applicable)

Leads capture / subscription form
If you don't have a place to capture new subscribers you will need to prepare a blog subscription program. This can be build directly in Marketo
. Check out our Guide.

Unsubscribe / Subscription Preferences Management
Digesto email will use Marketo's "unsubscribe" built-in function. If you have a custom preference center, make sure to update it with your blog subscription option. For example:

We're there to help!

Our team of experts is there to assist. Your premium support includes email and Live assistance by Marketo Certified Experts as well as migration of our email templates. 
We also offer professional services to care of your Digesto implementation, build your preference center or assist with any other Marketo related matter.

Book a session here or  Contact support.

Ready? Get started with our step-by-step tutorial:

Step 1 - Identify and test my feed 

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