A/B Testing

You can A/B test your Digesto email using the following method. 

1) Prepare A and B versions of your Marketo email
Create an email for each variation. We recommend you change only 1 element at the time. 
- Subject lines
- Template colors
- Email title/headline
- Etc. 

2) Split your email send
From your Digesto Send Email Smart Campaign use the random function to split the distribution of your 2 emails.  

3) View results
Once your email is distributed you can view your results using Email Insights or from and Email performance report. 

4) Declare winner / rince & repeat
For more details on A/B testing and statistical significance, check out this post from the Marketo Community.

Known limitations: 
Neither the Email Program A/B Test nor the Champion/Challenger method available in Marketo is compatible with Digesto Emails. 
Therefore, the method outlined here will not perform actions such as 
- Automated declaration of the champion
- Email alerts to declare a champion in the champion/challenger A/B test
- The post layout (portion populated by Digesto and sourced from your feed) cannot be split/tested using this method.

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