Examples of Digesto Emails

Here are a couple examples of emails built with Digesto.


From: https://www.onvia.com/company/blog
Feed: https://www.onvia.com/blog/feed
Description: We came up with a set of new Marketo email 2.0 templates for Onvia. This gave room for a blog email that is in perfect harmony with the new website design all while being a reusable multi-purpose template.

Singularity U

From: https://singularityhub.com/


From: https://blog.wepay.com
Feed: https://blog.wepay.com/feed
Description: Crisp and colorful design, yet simple. It pulls the featured image and post abstract in a fully branded theme.


From: https://www.kahuna.com/blog/
Feed: https://www.kahuna.com/blog/feed/
Description: Kahuna's template is optimized for conversion with top navigation elements and "view a demo" call to action, as well as static promotional elements in the email footer. It's wide images make is really good looking too and the overall design is well aligned on the brand. Template is also optimized for mobile and tablet devices.


From: https://www.upwork.com/hiring/
Feed: https://www.upwork.com/hiring/feed/?cat=-496
Description: Slick and mobile friendly. This is one of our best Marketo - Digesto design integrations. It pulls the featured image, date, author name, and post abstract in a fully branded theme.
Images are extracted and resized for email optimized viewing thanks to the Digesto Image control features.  


From: http://influitive.com/blog/

Perkuto (yes, we "eat our own dog food"!)

From: http://www.perkuto.com

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