Digest Designer - Custom design for your Digesto emails

The Digest Designer gives you the ability to create a custom layout for your Digesto Emails.  


Please keep in mind that the output of your Digest design will be embedded inside a Marketo Email via Tokens. That Marketo email also has it's own template, design and styling. Make sure to harmonize both parts to ensure a stable and fluid result.

To access the Designer, select a Digest then chose Edit and look for Layout item under the Digest section. 
Choose your design template; pick one of the 3 options that best suits your design needs: Default, Simple and Advanced. 

1) Default: 

Choose the 
Default template to stick with Digesto's default layout. This layout will pull the following elements:

The digest email will look like this: 

2) Advanced:

Use the 
Advanced template to customize feed elements and/or further customize the style of your email.

Control Feed Elements

Control which feed elements you'd like to include in the email or change the order of these elements.

How to add new elements
  1. Check out the table of available feed elements 

  2. From the Advanced Layout Editor, position your cursor where you'd like the new element to appear
  3. Click the   button and select an item among the options available. 

Control Digest Styling

Use the WYSIWYG editor for styling options like adding horizontal lines, controlling line height, selecting more colors, etc.

Use the </> button to toggle to HTML and directly alter your template. HTML editor allows for full customized design. You can use it to add custom CSS, styling attributes, custom colours, static elements, tables, links, etc.)

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