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How Digesto RSS Email Design Works

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Design guidelines, best practices and limitations


Digeso email works in 2 parts. Marketo hosts the first part of the template (header and footer) while Digesto hosts the second part: feed elements. Both parts will merge as your email goes out as Digesto will insert the feed content inside of the Marketo template and automatically schedule the email send. With that in mind, here are a few pro tips and examples of the look an feel you can build with Digesto.

Design Guidelines

General Email Best Practices

  • Establish a clear objectives for your newsletter (drive traffic? engage & nurture? convert leads?) and set measurable performance goals; 
  • Keep it focused. Avoid overload it with to many call to action, too much text or too many images; 
  • Keep your email's default maximum width close to 600px. Height of post image should not exceed 300px to avoid excessive scrolling;
  • Use email safe fonts. You can use Google Fonts, but also plan for a good fallback font;
  • Go mobile first; use single column, avoid complex layouts or fixed image width and put title on top of images so that it shows above the fold;
  • Test your email across multiple clients and mobile devices (or ask our support team and we'll run the test for you);
  • Make your titles and images clickable;
  • Have clear call to action;
  • Plan for images blocking: use alt text; 
  • Give it some personality, your Digest/Newsletter is a great way to deliver a strong message that reflects you and your brand!
Publishing Email Friendly Posts
Articles published on your website will be come the input source of the Digestso Email.   
  • Standardize the size of featured images for a consistent design. Chose an images size that works well online and in email (to avoid blurry images);
  • Dont force special text alignment (ex: aligned right, justified, etc);
  • Dont force special picture alignment (ex: wrapped images);
  • Don't force fixed sizes like height and width on images;
  • Avoid floating text over or below images.
Known Limitations
  • Marketo "Forward to friend" and "View as webpage" links will not work when used with a Digesto email (API method limitation);
  • Your Digest (feed content) design is setup once and will repeat for every posts.

Template Gallery

Access a multitude of pre-built email designs at your fingertip. Both new or existing accounts can upgrade to one of our 16 templates (and growing), which are free and available to everyone. The new templates include both the Marketo Email Template and the posts layout. All templates are mobile optimized, fully compatible with Marketo emails (1.0 or 2.0) and cover for a multitude of usage: digest or full post, centered or left aligned, with or without post image, etc.

For new customers: access our templates from the digest editor. You can’t miss that new carrousel navigation bar.

For existing users, select “Change Template” to access the Gallery.

Once you selected your Template it will lead to 1 of these 2 paths:

a) For BYO Marketo (Bring Your Own Marketo) Templates  you will be taken back  - Skip to Customize Your Template section

b) For Full Template (including the Marketo Template portion) you will be invited to select a destination Workspace for your template - Continue to Marketo Template Push 

Marketo Template Push

Once you selected your workspace Digeto will Push the Marketo portion of your email (outline) as a new Marketo Email Template in your Design Studio.
It will appear under Design Studio \ Your Workspace \ Emails \ Templates \  “Digesto - Your Diget Use this new template as you create your blog email and customize it there with your logo, colors, etc.  using the Marketo Editor.

Customize Your Template

The Dynamic portion (post layout) is still available in Digesto for you to tweak it to fit your needs using our WYSIWYG Editor.

To customize your tempalte, use </> to toggle to "Code View" to directly edit your tempalte HTML.
Position your curson in the edito and use the small tag  icon to selec/bring add feed elements in your email or use the merge tags - see below.

To use your own custom code, start by picking a template from our library. Pick one that is tagged "BYOT" (Bring Your Own Template). Once the template opens, use </> to toggle to "Code View" to directly edit your tempalte HTML. 

Position your curson in the edito and use the small tag  icon to selec/bring add feed elements in your email or use the folloing merge tags.

Digesto TagRSS Feed ElementDescription
{{ITEM-TITLE}}<title>Article Title
{{ITEM-LINK}}<link>Article URL
{{ITEM-DATE}}<pubDate>Publication Date
{{ITEM-DESCRIPTION}}<description>Article Summary/Abstract (Usually text only)
{{ITEM-CONTENT-ENCODED}}<content:encoded>Full Article (HTML)
{{ITEM-AUTHOR}}<author> or <dc:creator>Author's name
{{ITEM-FIRSTPOSTIMAGE-URL}}Digesto Custom ElementURL of the first image extracted from the <description> or <content:encoded> elements
{{ITEM-FIRSTPOSTIMAGE-IMG}}Digesto Custom ElementCode snipped (<img...>) to embed the first image extracted from the <description> or <content:encoded> elements
{{ITEM-IMAGE-URL}}<enclosure> (image)Image file enclosure URL
{{ITEM-VIDEO-URL}}<enclosure> (video)Video file enclosure URL
{{ITEM-AUDIO-URL}}<enclosure> (audio)Audio file enclosure URL
{{ITEM-MEDIA-CONTENT-IMAGE-URL}}<media:content>Image file from media-content
{{ITEM-MEDIA-CONTENT-IMAGE-IMG}}<media:content>Code snipped (<img...>) to embed the image file from media-content
{{ITEM-CATEGORIES}}<category>List of categories applied to your article

As you run a test or activate your scheduled run,  it all comes together like gears!

Live Preview

Get an instant preview of  your new email with real blog content. Toggle between Live Preview and Customize mode to edit your template and immediately view the impact impact of your changes.  

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