System Status Report

Current status: Digesto is working normally

Downtime reports

Despite our very best efforts, technology hiccups do happen. For the purposes of transparency below is the log of occasional downtime period that occurred with Digesto.
To all our customers who were affected, please accept my most sincere and humble apology.

Affected Processes
Server downtime can cause some Digests to stall in a queue during the execution process. Any job that has been suspended during the downtime period are set to run at soon as the systems return back to normal, resulting in a delayed email delivery.

Downtime reports
  • Digest delivery was interrupted for 8 hours between Jan 9th 2018, 7:31Pm to Jan 10th 2018 3:03 AM. Affected 6 Digests.
  • 18 Digest schedules delivery got delayed on Nov 22 2016 5:21 PM EST.
  • Digesto application unaccessible to certain users from the East Coast caused by DDoS attack on DNS that. On October 21 2016.
  • Intermittent services interruption occurred on Feb 8 2016 4:00PM EST to Feb 9th 12:00PM EST. 
  • Intermittent services interruption occurred on Feb 3 2016 10:00AM EST to  5:00PM EST. 

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